Academic Editing

I provide substantive copyediting (line editing) and light copyediting to academic and trade presses and to scholars, journalists, students, and others contributing to public discourse in the social sciences. I’m rigorous about meeting deadlines, and I’ll polish the text so your expertise and your style and voice will shine.

I work primarily with scholarly writers and publishers in the social sciences. I'm on the rosters of The University of Nebraska Press, Washington State University Press, and the State University of New York Press. I've also edited books for publication and/or distribution by Oklahoma University Press and the University Press of Mississippi.

I will review your manuscript, discuss your project with you, and give you a specific estimate. In most cases, I’ll also provide a free sample edit of about 500 words. This will demonstrate the level of editing I recommend and help you decide whether I’m a good fit for you.

Substantive Copyediting (Line Editing) [starting at $.03 per word] 


In most cases, copyediting is provided after developmental editing (editing for structure and content) has been completed, and it includes:

•    Editing to ensure that grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and style are correct and conform to the style guide
•    Revising for consistency in presentation of numbers, hyphenation, and abbreviations
•    Fact-checking nonspecialized information (e.g. names and dates)
•    Editing citations/footnotes and bibliography for consistency and conformity to style guide
•    Checking charts, tables, and other graphics for clarity and consistency with the text
•    Editing text for clarity and consistency
•    Improving sentence structure, reducing wordiness, and strengthening the rhythm of the prose
•    Ensuring that each paragraph flows smoothly and logically
•    Checking for accuracy, precision, and variety in word choices
•    Revising, where appropriate, to use active vs. passive voice
•    Revising anything else that might distract readers from the text

Light Copyediting: You might need less intensive copyediting. After I’ve reviewed your manuscript, we’ll discuss your editorial needs and I’ll provide an estimate for your project. 

Subjects I Edit Include:


  • history

  • politics

  • sociology

  • gender and sexuality

  • civil rights

  • social and economic justice

  • disability issues

  • mental health and addiction

  • psychology

For my editing experience, including relevant coursework, please click "About" on the site menu or see my LinkedIn profile.